Beth Smith
Women's Ministry Director


I was fortunate to grow up with a supportive family in a church where I was introduced to God. My relationship with Jesus became very personal to me when I was sixteen years old. Through a performance of The Toymaker’s Dream, I understood the big picture of the story of God for the first time.  As my faith exploded, I was drawn to follow Christ in more unconventional directions.  When I was seventeen, I spent the summer in Peru with a Christian Ministry. I saw, for the first time, the extent of the need in the world. I couldn’t believe that people lived without clean water and basic sanitation. This trip completely changed the course of my life. I returned with a passion to see the needs of the poor met; their spiritual needs through a knowledge of Christ and their physical needs through a knowledge of engineering.

Since engineers provide clean water and sanitation, I began to study civil engineering in college. I graduated in 1997 with a Master’s degree. I travelled across the Soviet Union, then turned my attention back to South America. I teamed up with Engineering Ministries International to design projects for ministries in South America while building a career in low-income housing design in New Mexico. After seven years of full-time engineering, I turned my attention to raising a family. My husband, Michael, and I were blessed with two incredible sons, Gabriel, 12, and Nathaniel, 10. Through these three special men, God has opened my eyes to see love in an amazing new way. Though all of these experiences, I have seen how God intentionally places unique abilities, gifts, and passions into each of us. If we are willing to cooperate with Him, he can use these things in an exciting and fulfilling way to accomplish His purposes in the world.

This year, the Women’s Ministry will focus on throwing off everything the hinders and running our race. As we seek God through our summer and fall Bible studies, I am convinced that He will be found. I am excited to see Him heal our broken hearts, set us free, and place us back into the thrilling race that He has planned for us. Come be a part of all that God is doing at Redeemer Church!

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