Info on CrossPointe Merger

We have some exciting news to share. CrossPointe Community Church planted Christ Community Church which then planted our church. CrossPointe also generously financially supported the launch of Redeemer Church. Last Sunday we prayed for CrossPointe Church because they announced they were closing their doors after 10 years of faithful gospel ministry. We were heartbroken by this news. This decision was reached due to the decline in attendance not any sort of scandal or moral failing. We continue to esteem Pastor Brian Blendon and affirm his fitness for pastoral ministry. You can learn more about their decision by visiting their website


Last weekend their Elder team approached us about merging into our church. We met with them on Tuesday morning in order to talk further and determine if the Spirit was truly moving. We walked away from our time excited about the possibilities. We know this will be a process, but the Elders expressed their desire to merge and we have invited them into our church family! Our heart is to give them a place to collectively land in order to process their journey and be reenergized to walk together with us into the future.


You probably have a ton of questions, yet don’t have all the answers. Here is what we know... This upcoming Sunday (June 25th) is the final gathering of CrossPointe Community Church. The Elders have invited Pastor Micah to address their congregation and invite them to Redeemer Church the following Sunday (July 2nd). During July and August we are planning a series of opportunities for them to process and heal from their journey. Pastor Micah will lead these groups with the goal of helping our brothers and sisters grieve as well as celebrate their CrossPointe journey. Psalm 30:11 says, “You have turned for me my mourning into dancing.” We pray this verse over CrossPointe Community Church and we long to see any wounds healed by the power of the gospel.


Please join us in praying for this process. Please pray for an openness in your own heart to serve CrossPointe in this season. Please be in attendance on Sunday, July 2nd in order to worship with our brothers and sisters. More info to come...