Cory Troup
Pastoral Intern


By God’s sovereign grace, I became a believer when I was  8 years old. However, for several years I struggled to have a consistently deep relationship with God. Then, through God’s grace again, He pulled me close and it eventually culminated in a call to ministry. I am so grateful and amazed at the transformative work the Lord has done in my heart and life since I became a believer, especially over the past few years. God has used my time as a member of Redeemer to challenge, grow, and mold my walk with Him into something stronger and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to serve Redeemer. My hope for Redeemer is that we would be an example of holiness; that we would be a light shining out to the spiritually dark world. I pray that we stay consistent with God’s Word and serve the city of Denton with the love of Christ. I have served in the Church throughout my life, starting when I was a youth. At Redeemer, I have been blessed to serve in different capacities and areas. I have been serving with the youth, setup team, and other areas when needed.

My wife, Jabrielle, has always been my rock of faith. We met in 2008 and got married in 2010. She has always been there to help me stay grounded in Christ. In August of 2014, we were blessed with the birth our son Logan. He is a joy to have and keeps us laughing. We are excited that we get to model Christ to him and speak God’s Word into his life.

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