Reece Bishop
Student Pastor


Christ saved me by his grace in the beautiful snowcapped mountains of Colorado on a youth ski trip in 8th grade. That experience also began my passion for student ministry and a yearly aching to venture back to the snow covered slopes! As I began to feel a call on my life to serve in the local church my gracious and wise youth pastor began to disciple me, giving me ways to explore God’s calling.  Since that time my heart has been to help students know Jesus by experiencing His Word, and helping them learn to depend on the Grace of Christ.

How we answer the question “Who do we say Jesus is?” colors how we see the world, and determines how we live our lives. This is the core of how I teach students, as we live in a world that will test them to see how they answer. I believe relying on the foundation of Scripture, to imprint His word on our hearts, living in connected community, and worshipping the Lord Jesus in spirit and truth together, all while living out the Gospel…has the ability and power to change the world around us.

As I serve at Redeemer, my desire is to create relationships with students and parents.  My desire is to help disciple students in a way that connects others and points to the freedom and joy of knowing Christ.

I have been serving in student ministry since I was a student myself, eventually going to Howard Payne University to pursue my degree in Youth Ministry. During my time at HPU I met my gentle, gracious, and beautiful wife…Stacie. We are now celebrating 7 years of marriage with many more to come. She has been with me through the majority of my 12 years serving in ministry.  We have a fun loving little boy, Rhett, and have another son on the way! I have served as a youth intern, spent time as senior pastor, then a youth pastor, to now am grateful to serve with amazing people at Redeemer.

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