Some of you know the story of how Stacie and I came to Redeemer, but for those who do not it started in the Spring of 2014. We had been praying for about 6 to 8 months about leaving where I was serving on staff, but were unsure on how best to depart. 

It was during this time we received Easter mailers from churches in the area and one caught my eye. I saw the line “Broken People Loving Broken People.” To be honest we were feeling pretty beat up, isolated and broken at that point. So, I emailed Micah with what I felt was an odd email because I was simply saying that I didn’t know what to say but would like to meet with him. Thinking that he might look me up I said I was a youth pastor, but I was not really looking for a job since I knew they were a new church plant. I just really believed in what Redeemer Church was about from what I had checked out and would like to talk.

After meeting with Micah, I think he could tell we were in deep need of fellowship and discipleship so he invited Stacie and I to come and join in the first Neighborhood Group starting up.  He invited us without the expectation that we would land at Redeemer Church, but simply so they could pray for us during a season and care for us.

It was then Stacie and I decided we wanted to make this church our church even if that meant going into a completely different career field. Eventually Josh and Micah talked with me and asked me to pray about coming on as the Student Pastor. We began to pray and even though we were nervous about fundraising we felt this was indeed where God was drawing us.  

We can’t begin to describe the blessing it has been to part of the Redeemer Church the past 5 years (almost 4 serving on staff). It has been a privilege to teach the students the preciousness of God’s Word, the importance of His Church, and the beauty of Christ’s redeeming grace. I have grown in my knowledge and understanding of scripture as well as in my faith and love for the Lord Jesus through the mentors who have discipled me. The friendships I have developed here I consider deep and long lasting and am extremely thankful for them. We are so thankful that our two boys were born here. I know they have been cared for and prayed over. Stacie and I have also been cared for and prayed over. 

It is with heavy hearts that we are leaving. But we are joyful knowing we are connected with you in Christ and confident that God will continue to use Redeemer in great ways to share the gospel of Christ in this area. Going into the Air Force is exciting. Serving in the military is something I have wanted to do since my youth. It feels as if this is the right call for our family at this point in our lives and quite literally a calling of its own. However, it is a bittersweet time as we will greatly miss you. 

We will be forever grateful for Redeemer Church, its leaders, and faithful saints for what you have meant in our lives.  Thank you for how you have ministered to and loved us. Please know we love and will continue to pray for this incredible body of believers as you faithfully serve our Lord.